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Seifert Graphics Inc

This has been a big, very big undertaking. I have had several experiences in software conversions and start ups but none as complex as this. This was the most impressive I have seen.

  • We upgraded from two systems!
  • We took a complete inventory and identified, categorized, described and catalogued almost 4,000 line items of inventory. AND for the first time valued it and entered it on the books.
  • We now know the cost of goods sold on every item we sell and can for the first time correct our pricing to reflect the value added and the profit we should make.
  • We have an integrated quoting, produciton, inventory, billing, purchasing, and accounting system.
  • And we did it from start to finish in four months...

Thank you all for a very successful project. We will all benefit from your effort and it is due to your good work.

Robert J. Dunn COO
Seifert Graphics Inc